[Cubs] Paper is Amazing

What can paper do?

MONDAY 4 March
How can we shape it to fly further, faster, straighter, or not at all? What do engineers need to consider when designing flying vehicles and how do they overcome problems?
Only a few days ago, a lunar vehicle made a bumpy landing on the moon.. The lander, named Odysseus (first picture on images), is the first US spacecraft to land on the Moon in more than 50 years, carrying experiments for NASA. When landing, one of its 6 feet got caught and the module tipped on its side.
Tonight we will “use our resources wisely” to problem solve flying vehicle problems. Did you know that “use resources wisely” is actually one of the Scout Laws and that the Space exploration and scouting have a long shared history?
In fact, 11 of the 12 moonwalkers were scouts (not the Michael Jackson style moon walking, but the type that actually walked on the moons surface!).

Practice a skill

Wear: Uniform, scarf, enclosed runners
Bring: named Water Bottle
Monday 11 March is a public holiday – No Cubs


Thursday 14 March Joint night with Scouts, Venturers and Rovers at Karkarook Park, Warrigal Rd, Heatherton Details to come
Monday 18 March STEAM Night / Recycle Car racing – Bring a large plastic bottle or milk carton.
Monday 25 March Last Night of Term – Active by Hardrock Clip n Climb – Heatherrton  6:30pm to 7:30pm $17.50 per youth.

Expression of Interest – Come and Try Mountain Bike (MTB) at Lilydale Lake (1hr away)

Saturday 23rd Scout Victoria Cycle team is running an event targeted at Cubs who are interested in trying out riding bikes on dirt tracks and learning some skills in MTB. It is $10 and bike hire is also available at cost. Applications close 10 Mar. You will need to have their Cub Scout member number, which is also their Operoo Profile ID There are a couple of times available: 10:00 to 12:00; 12:30 to 14:30; 15:00 to 1700
To book follow the link:https://www.vicscouts.asn.au/scoutEvents/default2.php?ID=SCE02068
Calendar:  https://scoutsvictoria.com.au/activities-events/activity-teams/cycling/
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