Who runs Scouting?

Scouting is run by a dedicated group of volunteers who enjoy helping youth achieve their goals and dreams.  In many cases the leaders that run the various scout sections and activities are parents themselves and have become involved through the involvement of their children.  Without the assistance of volunteers Scouting would not operate.

Before a person can become a leader they must be interviewed and pass a Police Check to ensure that they are worthy to be a leader in the Scouting movement.

All leaders are then required to complete intensive training in the ideals of scouting, scouting activities and programs and in youth training and development.

Accordingly the leaders are a dedicated group of trained and enthusiastic volunteers who enjoy adventure, challenge and assisting the development of youth.

Each Scout Group operates  on its own. They are responsible for their own staffing, funding and operations, and as such, they do not receive any funding from the Association. Groups may also apply for grants from councils and other such authorities, but these can be had to obtain.

Scout Organisation Charts
Scout Promise and Law

Responsibilities of Parents and Youth members