About Joey Scouts

Joey Scouts Program

AGES 5, 6 & 7

In this section, Joey Scouts are welcomed into the global movement to begin their adventurous journey through Scouting. They aspire to be like the older Scouts and expect a real taste of Scouting during their time in the section.


  • Discovering the start of the program journey
  • Looking for adventure
  • Scouts exploring the world around them
  • Questioning & experiment in go Scouts learning to challenge themselves


Creativity and imagination are key for this age group. Through their adventures, Scouts are able to try new things, explore emerging interests, and enjoy the activities that they themselves have chosen to do. They decide what they want to do and where they want to do it, with the support and assistance of adults.

The section is framed around the symbolism of Australian nature, using our diverse landscape to help Scouts think of new activities and to engage with the purpose of their adventures.

Going outdoors is one of the best things about being a Scout. Joey Scouts go camping, discover new places, try adventurous activities and learn about the world around them. Through engaging with nature and learning in the outdoors, Scouts will start to imagine more about the world around them.

The Joey Scout section may be the first time these Scouts have experienced the community outside of their own family and school. Scouts will work with local community groups, help others in their local area, and learn about the diversity of people and places in their community. Scouts are able to start understanding the roles they can play in the community, and how they can help make it better.

Scouts will learn about their own developing personalities and constantly discover new things they can do and learn about. Through personal challenges, Scouts are able to pursue activities and interests they want to explore further. Scouts are challenged to push their boundaries, try new things, and to reflect on what they have learnt about themselves.

Scouts have the opportunity to start developing leadership skills, planning activities and taking on leadership roles to help their Patrol complete challenges.

Scouts ideally progress to Cub Scout section after turning 8

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