Group Committee

Every Scout Group forms a parent committee, known as a Group Committee, to assist the Group Leader provide the resources needed by the Section Leaders to run effective and safe programs.  It does not have any role in the training of youth members.

Members of the Group Committee are appointed by the Group Leader to serve for twelve months, although they are eligible for re-appointment. Members of the Group Committee are principally drawn from parents of youth members, and may also include former Scouts or others interested in the Group. The Group Leader is the only leader on the Group Committee.  The Group Committee’s main office bearers are: a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. An independent Auditor is also required to audit the books annually. Our Group Committee also has the positions of a hall hire co-ordinator, Maintenance (to maintain the Group’s halls and equipment), fundraising coordinator, and General Committee positions.

The Group Committee usually meets once a month (the 3rd Thursday of the Month in King George VI Reserve Scout Hall at 8pm)  and is required to hold an Annual General Meeting each year to adopt the annual report and annual accounts.

The functions of the Group Committee include to:

  • Ensure the Group has adequate funding to enable it to provide high quality programs to the members at an acceptable cost.
  • Ensure proper records are kept and all funds are accounted for.
  • Arrange and provide suitable accommodation for the Group.
  • Provide and maintain equipment required by the Sections of the Group, in liaison with the Group Council, through the Group Leader.
  • Assist the Group Leader to recruit, retain and support Leaders for all Sections of the Group.
  • Recommend the appointment of a Group Leader to the District Commissioner.
  • Ensure that all persons in direct contact with the youth members of the Group are of exemplary character and are fit and proper persons to carry out their role of leading young people.
  • Assist the Group Leader with the implementation of the Group plan and receive reports on progress.
  • Establish and maintain good relationships with other community organisations and community leaders generally.
  • Convene an Annual General Meeting at which the audited financial accounts of the Group and an annual report presented.

For a description of our committee positions and job descriptions ; see this post