Scouts Australia’s New Program

5th/6th Central Moorabbin Scout Group was the first Scout Group in Australia to start using Scouts Australia’s new program, and is one of only a very small number of Groups in Victoria running the program in full.

The program is quite simply the ‘Why, What, and How’ of Scouting.


The program exists to help develop young people in the areas of personal growth, to develop them as active citizens involved in their local, national and global communities. You can read more about the purpose elsewhere in this handbook.


We achieve this through a diverse program of activities that are adventurous, fun, challenging, and inclusive. Further details about the activities and program structure will feature later in this handbook.


The learning process is achieved through a unique method of delivery.

Scouting in Australia provides one developmental program, inclusive of ages 5 to 25. To make sure this program is suited to each developmental stage of the child, adolescent, and young adult, it is structured into one continuous journey over five sections.

Throughout the journey, Scouts experience the program working as a member of a small-team or Patrol, as a member of a larger Unit (made up of a number of Scouts in the same section), and as an individual.


As seen in our purpose, Scouting is about fostering personal growth in the following areas:


The areas of social, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual make up the basis of a person’s character, 6 areas all up! This concept is called SPICES for short.

It’s a journey built on an engaging youth program that is tailored to each individual – the program has young people at the centre.

Each step in the journey has new adventures and challenges that are built on the skills, knowledge and experiences from the previous section – though young people can join at any point in the journey!

This program provides opportunities that are…


And an experience that is all about:

  • Connecting with the outdoors o Learning new skills
  • Building new and existing friendships o Helping create a better world

We follow a process called Plan>Do>Review> to make sure the program stays up to date and that individuals learn and develop.

It’s all in the name…