[JOEYS/CUBS] Clip and Climb

Clip and Climb

MONDAY 25th March
Combined night 6:30pm to 7:45pm at Activate by Hardrock, Heatherton
For our last night of term we are going to go climbing at Activate by Hardrock, Heatherton
4/444 Warrigal Rd, Heatherton VIC 3202
BRING A FRIEND Its is a good night to bring along a friend and introduce them to Scouting.
Wear: Uniform, scarf, enclosed shoes/runners and socks, something comfortable to time in…
Bring: Named Water Bottle
Cost: $17.50 per youth. Parents please pay directly on arrival


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March 24th (St Kilda)- 6:15-11:15am
DATES FOR 2024 Here are some important dates for the term and year ahead:
MARCH 11th – Public Holiday 25th – Last Night of Term!
APRIL 15th – First Night of Term 2
APRIL 24/25th – ANZAC Day MAY Mothers Day!
JUNE 10th – Public Holiday
SEPTEMBER 23/27th – Great Ocean Road Hike (Group)
OCTOBER 29th – Joint Halloween
JANUARY 2025 AJ2025
We will let you know more details closer to the events and of course, there will lots more to come. PS. Things might change but we’ll let you know if they do.


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