[JOEYS/CUBS] Mother’s Day Pampering

Hopefully Mums (or significant female or carer) would have received an invite to come to Cubs on Monday for a night of pampering…. Joey Mum’s you would not have got one… but you are still invited.

We also had Cubs draw a portrait of you, as well as, answer some questions about you. I hope they got some correct.

They should have also had some questions to ask you about being a Mum! Hopefully, it was a good way to get to know each other. Don’t worry if you didn’t get the invite, portrait or questions, I will include the questions here…

Please come along at the normal time (for Cubs) on Monday 7pm. If you can’t, make it please send along a suitable representative or if desperate – Dad.

Please wear clothing that can potentially get a little dirty and a towel to clean up any mess. If you have something to tie your hair back, shower cap or scarf that would be beneficially too…

Don’t worry it’s all fun and games..

We will have cups of tea and coffee and potentially some biscuits and snacks at the end of the night.

Skin or Food Intolerance or Allergies: Please let the leaders know if you have dietary requirements or skin allergies etc

Yours in Scouting
Akela, Nala and Hawkeye
Possum (Sue) and Kanga (Nancy)