[SCOUTS]Days, Nights, Camps and MORE!!

Pottery Night

Tuesday 7th May

This week we are going to be making amazing, magical and fantastical items/objects out of clay with our pottery wheel!!
Please wear old/dirty clothes so that you don’t get clay all over your uniform. There will be fun had by all so make sure that you bring along a friend.
We look forward to seeing you there on Tuesday at 7:00pm!!


The greatest camp ever!!!!!!

Our next unit camp will be UNICORN VOMIT CAMP!!
There will be many activities for everyone, especially those that are fans of unicorns. We will be participating in challenges in patrols to see who is the best UNICORN (no vomiting required).
For those Scouts attending AJ2025, it is vital that you come along to as many camps as you can this year, including this one.

6:30pm Friday 17th – 3:30pm Sunday 19th May
Drop off and pick up:
at the Scout hall King George VI Reserve


We announced that there will be another bring a friend prize of $200 towards anything within 5th/6th. Whether you want the money to go towards your Jamboree fee or a 5th/6th hoodie. This will be running for 6 months and the youth member with the most friends to have joined Scouting at 5th/6th will receive the prize.
Congrats to Sidney and Hili who won our last bring a friend prize!!
Remember to BRING A FRIEND each week to show them how cool Scouting can be!!



Brendan thought that not enough of the Scouts actually read the email and have no clue what we are doing each week.
So, to make sure that they read the emails and sign up for everything, he is donating $5 to the FIRST Scout to find a spelling or grammatical mistake within the emails.
An extra 50c will be added on top for every extra mistake you find.
The money can only be redeemed once you have signed up for AJ2025.
Make sure to be the first to find any mistakes and text or email Brendan before anyone else does!!


Donate if you can!!

Ena, one of our Venturers is participating in the World’s Greatest Shave this year!! They are donating the money they raise to help beat blood cancer and we couldn’t be more proud of them.
On the 16th of May, Ena will look like a fool. If you’d like to support a great cause, please consider donating to help Ena achieve her goal of $5,000.


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