[Venturers] Upcoming Outdoor Challenges and Skills

Here is a draft of some outdoor challenges and skill activities we are doing. Please let a leader know if you can add something to any activity or find any grammatical errors on this page that should be fixed. This page will be updated as your ideas (or corrections) flow in.

With YPR you can plan your own activities with a small group of friends of your choosong. Remember to pass on the details to an adult leader when you are in the planning stage.

Activity: Bludge Camp at Kevin’s Daylesford Spa and Resort with Creative and Outdoor Challenges and wood fired pizza oven
Activity Leader: Rachel
Activity Assistant: Anna, Hanna, Alex
Adult Leader: Kevin
Date: Fri 20- Sun 22 Oct
Plan: Rachel to delegate Transport, Catering, Equipment to each assistant. Rachael to see if YPR activity can be incorporated. Need progress update on 12 Oct. Leaders can arrange as much or as little as required but you need to communicate regularly.

Activity: Cathedral Ranges Hike. This is a spectacular Mountain. Outdoor Challenge, Stage 5 and 6 Bushwalking, Camping and Bushcraft
Activity Leader: Daniel Forrest
Activity Assistant: Darcy, Rory
Adult Leader: Harry
Date: Fri 10-Sun 12 Nov

Activity: 1/2 day hike, must be difficult, dangerous, different and have a Café in the middle or at the end. Outdoor Challenge, Stage 5 and 6 Bushwalking
Activity Leader: Ben
Adult Leader: Andrew
Date: Sun 1 Oct or Sun 10 Nov TBA

Activity: Horse riding. Outdoor Challenge
Activity Leader: Kai
Activity Assistant: Rachel
Adult Leader: Andrew
Date: TBA
Details: This will be a trail ride through a bush track in the Dandenong Ranges
Cost: Expensive, may have to use funds to subsidise or fund raise

New -Activity: Goldfields Trail Supported Bike Hike. Outdoor Challenge, Stage 4 and 5 Cyclist
Activity Leader: Chloe
Activity Assistant: Alex and Hannah
Adult Leader: Andrew
Date: TBA
Details: We will be riding from Castlemaine to Bendigo on the Goldfields Trail, camping on top of Mount Alexander. Easy 55 km ride over 2 days. An adult will meet you at the overnight stop with camp gear and food so riders don’t have to carry much. We can catch the train to Castlemaine and then home from Bendigo or parents can assist with transport. This may be a closed project patrol. Speak to Chloe if you want to do it.
Plan: Chloe to get maps and check train timetables. Meet with team. Set date.

Activity: Native Bee Hive construction and installation in the cage. This will be great for the local environment and upset the Group Leader. Community Challenge.
Activity Leader: Matt R
Adult Leader: Andrew
Date: Planning – next hall night, construction ongoing

Done It. Activity: Hall Sleepover with Stage 5 and 6 Camping Skills. So far – Cooking a three course meal on an open fire. Help plan more.
Activity Leader: Aiden
Adult Leader: Andrew
Date: 7:30? Fri 22- 8:30 am Sat 23 Sept.
Review: 7 attended- would we have got more if a Leader was present? Couldn’t arrive until 8:00pm due to Karate using hall so too late too cook dinner for Stage 6 Camping skills – early arrival possible on Saturday nights. 2 sent home, unit Council to discuss strategies to avoid this happening again.