[Scouts AJ2019] Age eligible members information

Here is a list of all our current members that qualify (age qualification only) for the next Jamboree – AJ2019

AJ2019 Age Qualify List

There are additional requirements that must be met to attend, for Scouts these include the following:

  • Must not have had their 15th birthday as at 2nd January 2016 ie. Date of Birth after 2nd January 2001. No extension to this age limit is allowed
  • Must be a registered and invested Scout, have reached Milestone 1 in their badge work and Stage 3 in each of Bushcraft, Bushwalking and Camping
  • Must have camped under canvas as a Scout, for ten nights, at least four of these to be consecutive
  • Must be considered by their parents/guardians and Scout Leader to be of both sufficient maturity and good behaviour to successfully participate in the Jamboree
  • Must be recommended by their Leader

Click here is find out more about eligibility