[Group] Hall Renovation Information

Several years ago the Group dreamt about creating a new, larger facility for our Scout Group.  Finally, that dream is becoming a reality!

The Glen Eira Council has signed a contract with a builder to the value of $250,000 to transform our Hall, in King George Reserve (where the Scouts and Venturers meet) into a larger, modern Scout Hall.

One half of this building has been vacant for a number of years after the Guide Association handed the keys back to the Council. Of course, when we heard about this we, made it clear to the Council how we’d very much like to take this space off their hands.

It’s been a bit of a journey since those discussions started but on Tuesday April 26th renovation work will commence creating an exciting new facility for our group. Work will include moving the dividing wall between the two halls and the installation of full width doors to provide us with the flexibility of one giant hall or two large spaces. There will also be new toilets, including an accessible toilet.

This exciting project will create some short term change for the entire Group. The construction work is expected to take nine weeks. During this time the hall needs to be vacated to ensure the safety of our members during the renovations, we will only have access to the Q-Store during this time.

The short-term impact on the Venturer Unit and Scout Troop is a change in location. From the week beginning  Monday 25th April the Scouts and Venturers will meet at the 1st Central Moorabbin Scout Hall in Centenary Park (Bignell Road, Bentleigh East) until the work is completed. At this stage, a return date is not known, and we will advise you of this in the future.

The Council budget doesn’t allow for renovations to the entire hall. At the completion of the project, the Group will need to assess what other projects we might wish to undertake to improve and finish off our Hall.
For example; a new Kitchen facilities as both kitchens will be demolished. The Group has been financially strong for some years thus allowing us to complete this extra work.The leaders and the committee will work hard over the next few months to put together a plan of what we can do.

Due to the considerable spending, the Group will need to replenish any funds that are spent on capital works therefore we will see an increased effort in fundraising, and we ask you to help us over coming 12 months to fund raise for the Group.

The City of Glen Eira has made a huge commitment to our Scout Group and this is reflected in their support for Scouting and acknowledgement that our Group is one of the leading Scout Groups in the Council area.

As part of the arrangement with the Council, we have agreed to hand back to them the hall in Halley Park upon completion of the works at King George.

The new facilities at King George Reserve will future proof our Group for many years to come. Once the King George Hall is completed the Cubs and Joeys will make the move to the new hall.

To recap the main points:

  • On April 26th a $250,000 renovation will commence at the King George Reserve Hall
  • From the week beginning April 25th, Scouts and Venturers will meet at the 1st Central Moorabbin Scout Hall on Bignell Road in Centenary Park
  • In mid to late 2016 the Scouts and Venturers will return to the King George Reserve Hall. 
  • The Joeys and Cubs will then relocate to King George Reserve
  • The Group will invest our own capital into additional works
  • We must all work together to replenish these funds over the coming years.

The Group is embarking on an exciting chapter in the life of 5th/6th Central Moorabbin Scout Group. The renovations will improve our facilities, strengthen our amazing group and support Scouting for many years.

We thank everyone for their support and help to this stage so far and the work done by many in the planning stages. As developments are known, we will continue to up date you about construction progress and a proposed date for when we will be celebrating the opening of what will be one of the best Scouting facilities in the state.

Thanks for your ongoing support for our Group, 5th/6th Central Moorabbin. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us or chat with your Section Leaders.

Yours in Scouting,
Geoff Gartly & Paul Bolton
Group Leaders
5th/6th Central Moorabbin Scout Group