Responsibilities of Parents and Youth

Becoming a Scout places responsibilities on both the child and the parents.

Responsibility of the Scout

It is the responsibility of the child to attend regular section meetings, wear the scout uniform and attend camps and other outings.

A large part of the scouting experience is often experienced away from the hall on weekend camps, accordingly if the child does not attend they will be missing out on an important aspect of Scouting.

The leaders who, are all volunteers, put an enormous amount of time and effort into running the various activities according it is important that your child attends the activities in a timely manner and where this is not possible advises the leader well in advance.

Responsibility of the Parent

As mentioned earlier, Scouting is a voluntary organisation, accordingly it relies on the help and assistance of parents to operate and implement its programs and activities. It is therefore expected that parents will assist where they can and when they can.

Areas where parents can assist are detailed below;

Become a Leader.

Become a Parent Helper.

Become a member of the Parents Committee.

Assisting with Hall Maintenance particularly on working bees.

Assisting with activities when requested and attending fundraising events and group functions.

Assisting with transportation from time to time.

Helping to clean the Scout Hall

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